Website and SEO content writing services


Your website may look great, but is the written content great too?

Websites are like books. An attractive cover sparks interest, but it’s the writing that keeps you turning the pages. Likewise, it’s good web content that keeps your customers engaged and the best web content is clear and easy to read.


I work with you to write content for websites that:

gets to the point quickly

is jargon free

is easy to read

has clear calls to action

offers straightforward information

is attention grabbing

is search engine optimised

speaks directly to your target audiences

gives your business a personality

brings your customers on board

delivers marketing results

SEO writing services

Great websites have great content. They are also search engine optimised.

Done well, search engine optimisation (SEO) helps your website stand out to your target market.  Simply put, SEO allows you to be found on a search engine. So given the amount of material out there on the web, without proper SEO your website may not even show up in search engines.

I write website copy incorporating the words or phrases (keywords or long tail keywords in SEO speak) that you want people to use to find you online.

The first step for good SEO writing is to do your research and clarify goals. I work with you to identify keywords that describe your business and website. These are the phrases that are the most appropriate fit for your particular situation.  Once we agree on the chosen topics or keywords, it’s my turn to provide you with well written, easy to read website content.

I can write copy for a new website or revamp an existing one.


My website and SEO writing services will suit you if:

You’ve decided on a website design, but need great content

You want website copy which is search engine optimised

You have an existing website, but want to upgrade the content


What are the costs?

Please refer to my rates page for more information.

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