7 essential NDIS marketing practices you should start today

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NDIS marketing

These 7 essential marketing practices for National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) service providers don’t cost the earth, but they can make a massive impact to outcomes. 1. Share content that gives value Good content marketing helps you to build trust with your clients and have meaningful conversations with them.  It enables you to foster confidence in… Read more

4 awesome writing examples for marketers

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Here are 4 great examples of excellent copywriting, to inspire and learn from. All are based on simple themes that capture audience attention. Like all good copywriting, they build connections between the audience and the brand.   1. Nike: Just Do It. It’s a simple slogan. Only three little words.  For a phrase that has… Read more

The best marketing shows your humanity

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Being human helps your marketing stand out.

Six ways to show your business is human in our tech-driven world The technology already exists for a robot to cook me a burger or a printer to produce a custom medical implant.  It’s now commonplace to use the internet to research and buy online.  Many customers will spend hundreds of dollars on orders from… Read more

5 steps to an awesome website

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Want an awesome website? Here are five ways to help get you there. 1. Target your audience The best websites attract new and repeat visitors. Why? Because the content benefits the readers. Before you begin writing your website content, know the audience you want to target. Do they belong to a specific age group? Do they come from a… Read more

How to write Facebook posts to maximise engagement

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Want to know how to get more interest in Facebook posts for your business? Follow the steps below to understand how you can make Facebook work for you. Keep posts interesting Have you ever been trapped in a classroom listening to a boring teacher? Then you will  know that people only listen to what interests them. So… Read more

Why blogs are a must have marketing tool

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Blogs are one of the keys to improving search engine rankings.

How schools can profit from word of mouth

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Most of us would trust our family and friends over what we hear in an advertisement. So it’s no secret that “word of mouth” can have a huge influence on school enrolments. The challenge for schools is that unlike a publication, they cannot directly control word of mouth. It’s a dilemma that has made many… Read more

8 ways to maximise the impact of your media releases

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Want to get your media release noticed? Use these guidelines to maximise the impact of your media release.

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