Here are 4 great examples of excellent copywriting, to inspire and learn from. All are based on simple themes that capture audience attention. Like all good copywriting, they build connections between the audience and the brand.


1. Nike: Just Do It.

It’s a simple slogan. Only three little words.  For a phrase that has nothing to do with shoes it has certainly sold a lot of them. Instead the Nike slogan sells an attitude and a lifestyle. It’s a universal message, that cuts through for maximum impact with its simple language.


2. Volkswagen’s Think Small ad

Volkswagen’s “Think Small” ad is consistently held up as one of the greatest advertisements of all time.  Created by advertising group Doyle Dane & Bernbach in 1960 it stood out for its honesty and simplicity. At a time when most people were thinking the bigger the better, Volkswagen was proud to take a different road. The takeaways? Offering a different perspective helps you to stand out and team facts with great storytelling to build your brand.


Volkswagen’s iconic Think Small ad. Source: Wikipedia

3.  Pedigree’s “Pick Me” advertisement

Dog food company Pedigree has produced a long running series of advertisements which focus on the benefits pets bring to their owners. This ad was created to highlight the benefits of dog adoption. Clever reverse storytelling allows us to walk in the paws of our furry friends.

4. The Martian Diaries

In 2012 NASA’s Curiosity Rover landed on Mars to begin a long term exploration mission of the planet.  The crew at Science News imagined key entries from the rover’s personal diary  and documented it on the web. A fun and engaging platform to explore the topic of space exploration.  The copywriting lesson here is to know your audience and write directly for them.








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