Six ways to show a human touch in our tech-driven world

The technology already exists for a robot to cook me a burger or a printer to produce a custom medical implant.  It’s now commonplace to use the internet to research and buy online.  Many customers will spend hundreds of dollars on orders from an online shop, but never actually speak to anyone. So, in this increasingly automated world how do you build connections with customers you may never meet?

The answer lies in showing that there is a personality behind the scenes. Successful businesses will be the ones that take advantage of technology as well as demonstrate their human side. Ultimately, people want to interact with people. It’s one reason why supermarkets still retain people at the checkout counters and not just machines. So if ever there was a time to market your humanity this is it.

The automated workforce is ready, now

We are currently living through a technological revolution. Earlier this year the Sydney Morning Herald reported that 45% of jobs in the USA could be replaced by automated technologies that already exist.

The world of driverless cars and intelligent machines is at our doorsteps. Friday video nights have been replaced by streaming services and social media posts.

Build your human side into your business marketing

Your humanity can be one of the best marketing advantages you have. Here are six methods of letting your humanity shine through in your marketing.

1. Use your About page

Often ‘About’ pages can be neglected by a business. They are given less priority than product or service pages. However, they are the perfect platform to demonstrate the human side of your business. ‘About’ pages are great platforms to tell your business story, briefly outlining how you got started in business or what your interests are. Don’t forget to also include photos.

2. Get social

Given social media was designed with interaction in mind, it’s no wonder it is such a brilliant platform for showing off the human side of your business. Personalise company social media posts with the names or initials of contributors. Share interesting facts about staff, or behind the scenes stories. Also engage people by relating personal experiences to your products. For example, show photos of customers using your products, rather than just the product.

3. Be part of a conversation

Whether it is in person, or via a device, make talking to your customers a priority. It builds rapport and also makes people feel good. If you are an online business you can have ‘conversations’ with your customers via blogs, social media or email.

4. Value feedback

Even more importantly, conversations allow you to actively seek feedback and respond appropriately. Value both the positive and the negative feedback.

5. Select a tone of voice

Connect through your words. Your written tone of voice conveys your brand, or business personality. Choose what sort of tone of voice you want your business to adopt. Do you want to be chatty or serious, fun or knowledgeable? Reflect this tone in your publications.

6. Be accessible and responsive

Can your customers contact you at a time that is convenient to them? How long does it take you to respond to a query or feedback? If you are unsure what your customers prefer, actively seek out their feedback.

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emma reeves copywriter

Emma Reeves is a copywriter and editor based in Melbourne, Australia.


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