Want to know how to get more interest in Facebook posts for your business? Follow the steps below to understand how you can make Facebook work for you.

Keep posts interesting

Have you ever been trapped in a classroom listening to a boring teacher? Then you will  know that people only listen to what interests them.

So before you hit the post button on Facebook, ask yourself if your material adds value for your customers.

Some ideas for creating interest are:

  • What would your stakeholders find funny or useful?
  • Are there special tips you can share?
  • Are there quotes you can share that align with the theme or values of your business?
  • Can you share client testimonials?
  • Can you include behind the scenes photos and stories that show a different side to your business? For example, staff profiles or an explanation about how something get done.
  •  Is there a way to include people in your posts rather than just your product?
  • Can you post about a charity or cause that your business supports?
  • Can you recognise particular seasons or festivals with a post. For example, staff sharing Easter eggs or putting up Christmas decorations?

It is fine to repeat the same Facebook post occasionally but avoid repeating the same posts or information all the time.

Roses are red, violets are blue,we have got a surprise for you! (1)

Keep posts short

The ideal Facebook post is surprisingly short. Research from social media management app Buffer says that a Facebook post of only 40 characters gain the most engagement.

Forty characters is about this length.

Other studies have also indicated that short posts receive the most engagement on Facebook. Recommendations vary between 40 – 80 characters in length.

The take away is to maximise audience engagement, make your Facebook posts short.

Use a mix of media and formats

Material that is highly visual will always gain attention. These can include:

  • Photos. Photos or images with a caption written across them can have a huge impact. They can be quickly scanned and noticed by an audience.
  • Videos – subtitled or in a format that can be understood without sound works best.
  • Infographics – pictorial charts that lay out information in an easy to read way.
  • Tips
  • Questions
  • Surveys
  • Links to a story or other relevant material

Roses are red, violets are blue,we have got a surprise for you!

Inspire or be funny

Who does not enjoy sharing a funny story? Funny or inspiring material is very popular on Facebook.

Of course, that is easily said, and not so easy to do.

One way could be to share material or to include quotes.


Use your voice

What are the things that make your business special? Speak with the personality and voice which truly reflects your business.


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emma reeves copywriter

Emma Reeves is a copywriter and editor based in Melbourne, Australia.


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