Blogs are one of the keys to improving search engine rankings and to engaging customers in the online world.

Frustratingly, blogs can also be some of the most time consuming media to develop and it is tempting to put them in the too hard basket. So what is it that makes blogs such a potential cornerstone of a digital marketing strategy?

Regular blogs increase your SEO and web traffic

Firstly, the quality and quantity of your website content has a huge effect on your digital presence. It is no secret that good quality content greatly improves organic web search rankings.

Continually adding new articles to your website, in the form of a blog, allows you to develop web content in a structured way and reach out to more customers. The bonus of blogs is that they can keep attracting web traffic long after they are published.

The bottom line is that websites which use blogs attract more web traffic. Recent statistics indicate websites that publish over 11 blogs per month receive three times the traffic than those who do not. (Source: HubSpot)

Regular blogs allow organisations to:


Publish information and their own point of view

Write articles tailored to contain specific keywords

Deliver marketing messages within a blog article

Boost the effectiveness of their social media. The effectiveness of social media and blogs are interrelated. Social media is more effective with relevant content, and social media allows good content to be shared.

If blogs are shared, there is also the added bonus of increasing backlinks to your website or blog. This has the potential to boost website traffic and brand awareness as well as assist with Search Engine Optimisation.

Blogs allow you to have better branding

Blogs also provide an opportunity to establish trust with customers and a brand ‘personality’.

The online world can be very impersonal. Instead of speaking to a person behind a shop counter, we see some graphics and words (or hear sounds) on a screen.  Blogs are an opportunity to give your brand a voice or personality.

When done well, blog content provides existing and potential customers with information that interests or benefits them.

The more engaging the content, or the more useful, the more likely a customer will return to the site.

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